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Home Grown 

Offering high-quality meat since 2014

-   ABOUT US  -


Tatton Springs Ranch is located just east of Chilliwack in the beautiful Fraser Valley. Here we (Jeff and Rachael) take pride in raising our animals as close to nature, and our kids outside with the animals as much as possible. We were both raised on farms, and knew we wanted this lifestyle for our children as well. With six young children, we are happy to include them in the day to day operations of the farm and teach them about animal husbandry, responsibility and customer service.

At Tatton Springs we strive to bring you the healthiest, best-tasting, 100% grass-fed beef, the way nature intended. Our cattle eat nothing but the rich grasses of our pastures; they are not given any grain, growth hormones, steroids, or antibiotics.

Our heritage Lowline Angus are renowned for their ability to finish on grass alone without sacrificing tenderness, marbling, or flavor. Because of their unique frame structure, they have proven to yield up to 10% more useable meat than standard beef breeds.

Our Heritage Pork is known for it's amazing tenderness and flavor, with the most amazing bacon around!

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